Partnership and Licensing

In a time when the global population grows steadily and the environmental conditions for agriculture in certain areas become more and more extreme, the challenge is to double the global crop production in an environmentally sustainable way. Enhanced technologies and innovations play a vital role in fuelling this production increase.

When it comes to state-of-the-art technologies for breeding and agriculture, we believe in mutual growth. Partnership and Licensing is an integral part of our Research & Development program. KWS participates in many publicly funded projects and collaborates individually with partners all over the world. We are always interested in potential licensing or partnership opportunities for innovations that complement our portfolio. As a global breeding company and seed producer with activities in more than 70 countries, KWS provides an unique environment for developing and commercializing your ideas.


KWS Focus Areas


To strengthen the biotechnology research portfolio, KWS is interested in partnership and licensing for a wide variety of technologies.

Advanced Breeding

KWS is seeking to cooperate with partners specialized in plant breeding technologies.

Precision Agriculture

Aiming to optimize field-level management, KWS would like to streamline capacity with a partner.


High throughput plant phenotyping, quantitative evaluation of structure and function, has become a bottleneck in laboratory and field environment. KWS is interested in new methods and technologies to enhance the throughput.


Agrochemicals play a vital role in agricultural production. KWS is interested in new chemistries for seed coating, growth stimulants, and novel trait-chemistry combinations.


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